Restoration & Refurbishment

Updating your home with a fresh new kitchen or bathroom is one of the easiest ways to get more enjoyment out of your property and add value should you ever decide to move. For many homeowners, however, the option of adding a brand new kitchen or bathroom may well be beyond their means. For these customers, we’re pleased to provide a range of kitchen and bathroom restorations and refurbishments.

At AC Installations in Maidstone, it’s our aim to ensure that all customers have the opportunity to renovate their home to the best of their ability, regardless of budget. So, while it may be beyond some to invest in a whole new kitchen or bathroom – including the stripping, fitting, plumbing, electrics, etc. – the opportunity to revamp and refresh their home through extensive refurbishment is a more cost-effective option.

Complete restoration

The restoration work we offer at AC Installations has the ability to return a kitchen or bathroom to the glory it once knew. Perhaps you’ve only recently moved into a property that has been neglected for some time, but which retains traces of how it once was? Or maybe other commitments in your life have left you unable to maintain its upkeep? Whatever the situation, AC Installations can help restore a kitchen and bathroom to its past form, creating a sense of comfort that feels like new.

Extensive refurbishment

Our bathroom and kitchen refurbishment work is equally as impressive, and enables you to transform your property and boost value. Our experienced kitchen and bathroom-fitting teams possess the skill to refurbish a home according to your needs and wishes. We’ll work to remove existing fixtures and finishes, disposing of all goods, before fitting new units and suites and decorating the room in full. The effect a refurbishment of an existing room can have on your enjoyment and comfort of your home is significant, so contact AC Installations today for more details.

Contact us now

To find out more about the bathroom and kitchen restoration and refurbishment works available from AC Installations, call our friendly team on 07718622940. In addition to answering any questions you may have about the viability of any work, we’ll be able to offer an impartial assessment and put together a competitively priced quotation.